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Five Ways To Be Happier At Work

Posted by Jim | August 24, 2009 | No Comments

Given the length of (and the number of layoffs during) the current recession, employee morale has taken quite a hit. In many companies, those workers fortunate enough to still have jobs are seeing larger workloads and smaller paychecks. If this sounds familiar, here are five things you can do at work this week to feel better:

  • Set a small goal, celebrate achieving it – if you’re stressed out by the bottomless stack of paperwork on your desk, set a goal to finish x before lunch…and then treat yourself to something special when you do.
  • Get to know one co-worker better on a personal level – take a few minutes to find out what a co-worker did over the weekend; it’ll take your mind off of work, and help you feel more like you’re part of the team.
  • Volunteer to work on one small, extra project that you can be proud of – suggest a solution to a small-but-annoying problem, and then take the lead on solving it; not only could it help you get out of your daily rut, but also your boss will appreciate your initiative.
  • Ask for constructive feedback from your boss – workers that don’t know what’s expected of them or how they’re perceived around the office should be the most worried about layoffs. Be proactive and ask for feedback on a recent project as part of ongoing, open communication about career development and your role in the organization.
  • Learn something new – whether signing up for company-wide training or teaching yourself a computer shortcut, you can keep your mind fresh and upgrade your skills at the same time…increasing your own productivity, and making yourself more valuable to the company.

What other suggestions do you have to be a happier, more engaged employee?

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